Welcome to Bickerley Counselling

Psychodynamic Counselling involves thinking about your past life in order to understand what you are experiencing in the present. At Bickerley Counselling we offer a professional and confidential service which aims to help you understand yourself and the cause of painful feelings and anxieties.
We understand how distressed you may be feeling when seeking counselling and we aim to provide a safe space and a warm relationship in which you feel respected and valued. In this environment we will help you to identify and explore unconscious thoughts and feelings which may be affecting current relationships or life events, and stopping you from moving forward.
We offer you an opportunity to reflect on the problems and losses you have experienced and to change the way you habitually respond. This may involve raising your self-esteem, developing self-awareness and self-confidence and, very importantly, helping you to identify how you want your life to be.
  • We can offer you short-term counselling (usually about 12 weeks) as well as longer term open-ended work. We begin with an initial meeting in which your needs are assessed and a mutual agreement is made. Short-term work can be extended if you decide that you would like to continue.
  • Sessions last for 50 minutes and a regular time each week is agreed.
  • For individuals, fees are 40 per session with some concessionary places available if you are unemployed or on a low income.
  • For couples, fees are 45 per session.
  • Home visits. Can be arranged if you are prevented from attending our regular venues by illness or disability. We will make a small charge to cover our travel costs.